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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
you think its okay for one Christian can speak for all...and for that you are an asshole
I believe and back up what Scott has to say. I stand behind him 100%. He speaks from what he has learned through his father, school and studies. He speaks from his heart and has a willing to help people who do not understand what Christianity is about.
You tend to accept what he has to say at least some of it and you call me names because I agree that he speaks for other Christians.
I could see if I did not agree with what he was saying and it was not the true word of God then yes I would have something to say.
There is so much of that going with new age Christanity, saying what our ears want to hear. Nothing convicting and nothing making us think I am I in need of a Saviour, am I a sinner and do I need to be saved from my sins?
You did mention you are a Christian, I do need to ask... what kind?
From your posts I can assume it is not one that believes the bible to be the word of God.
There are many out there that call themselves Christians and when it comes to Jesus and what He did, dieing on the cross coming back to life to save us from our sins. That is were the line is drawn for many. The numbers I think go from like 80% of Americans to 9% that believe the bible and Jesus is who He said He was.
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