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Default Red Barn Customs info

I bought a rig that has split ring wheels. Not really liking the idea of split ring wheels I just figured I would use some adapters and it would be a easy fix to run some normal rims for light trail/road use.

It has a 5 by 6 7/8 bolt pattern and a hub that is just shy of 5" wide. That hub is what is causing the issue. It eliminates all of the 5 bolt patterns out there and most companies look down on the idea of me trying to run a 10 bolt adapter.

That left me to searching for different rims. And after being told over and over that they did not exist I found a military contractor that did make the one piece rims with a little over 200 currently in stock. They are DOT approved, are a direct bolt on, and can handle up to 3000 lbs.
The only issue is the cost. They are $385 plus tax and shipping from Augusta GA. I am looking at close to $2800 to get 5 of these to the door. Not to mention no one makes replacements meaning if I did need another it would be a matter of me grabbing my ankles and paying whatever needed to be paid.

So plan B is this little shop down the road called Red Barn Customs. But, before I give them a call and send them the info I thought I would get some feedback from members on here.

Plan C is to just to run the split ring rims as this is mainly a tow rig anyway. They are cheap and easy enough to replace as long as a lot of care is given and the pressures are watched closely. This would eliminate any chance of airing down though. The only upside is the potential to use run flats.
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