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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I totally agree. The purpose of this sermon was to show that a porn addiction can harm a marriage.
Anything can harm a marriage. Saying one particular thing will harm a marriage and applying it equally and broad smells of agenda. Yes porn can be detrimental to a marriage, but not all of them. While we all may be wired the same at the basic instinct level, we are all individuals and treat different scenarios differently.

Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Once again, I think the purpose of this sermon was to show that it CAN be a problem and why.
I dont think your average human being needs a sermon for that message.

I got the impression by your first post, and a few subsequent posts, that porn will harm all marriages and even those who say "porn is OK" are still destroying their marriage despite them thinking they are fine.

Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Stalin, Hitler, Mao all thought that our brains develop the same? I was merely saying that it's not so much opinion that our brains develop the same.
It wasnt the brain develop part.. It was the "whats true for one person" part. Our brains do not develop the same. If you had kids you would understand this. Ive got two, 9 and almost 6. No way their brains are developing the same. Not a chance. You can take a look at all levels of society and see our brains, on a broad scale, do not develop the same. Sure there are commonalities among groups of people and those people tend to find one another and clump.

Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Do you, at least, understand what my point was? Common Sense is just like opinion. It's based in experience.
Absolutely, and personally I would agree. Porn would hurt my marriage because I know my wife would be averse to it. So if I choose to start watching it, she will have issues. But thats MY situation. Others will be different.

Its the equal application to all, under the thought that since one thing is true for one person, it must be true for all, that lands you in dangerous territory. Especially from a sermon.
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