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Originally Posted by opie View Post
You are making the assumption that someones marriage is in jeopardy because both parties have made a conscience decision to use porn to spice things up. Or is the destruction one sided... As in one side watches porn and the other doesnt? If the latter is the case, its not the porn that is the problem.
I totally agree. The purpose of this sermon was to show that a porn addiction can harm a marriage.

There are many forces at work trying to pull anything and everything apart. IMO, porn is the least of them. Money, jobs, kids... These are the real issues that can tear apart relationships. We do not currently have a generation or two living below poverty and on assistance because they watched porn.
Once again, I think the purpose of this sermon was to show that it CAN be a problem and why.

Similar in process, not outcome. Your last sentence is downright scary. Hitler, Mao, Stalin had this line of thinking. THATS why some are against being preached to. To often the stance is taken "there is only one way" and most people don't like to be told what to do.

Stalin, Hitler, Mao all thought that our brains develop the same? I was merely saying that it's not so much opinion that our brains develop the same.

Originally Posted by Ridin Dirty View Post
No, knowing how to change oil is not common sense.
Do you, at least, understand what my point was? Common Sense is just like opinion. It's based in experience.
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