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Hopefully huge progress the first week of April. The boss is going south for the week so I get to snag the hoist again.

My plans are:
Swap the transmission.
Put the SYE kit in my spare 231 and install it.
Change the upper control arms to give me better exhaust clearance.
See if the front driveshaft I picked up will fit in the rear and if not, run it to the driveshaft shop down the road.
Wire the new speed sensor and run the harness. Speedo will be determined later. I'm debating on aftermarket and a mech conversion. The end pricing will be close.

I'll bring the camera and will hopefully have good things to show but if there is no good things, I'll fake it.

There are a few things I'm forgetting. If the shaft is good, I can drive it and see what else is screwed.
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