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Originally Posted by TJJEEP View Post
I find it really hard to believe the US will take any action. I am surprised however that Israel has not done anything.

I mean what could the US plan be? attack land target from the sea? The article mentions an amphibious ship. Would we really invade Iran?
To quote Vizzini "I've hired you to help me start a war. It's a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition."

The Plan? Whack the bee's nest, wait for the first bee to sting, then use that as an excuse to burn the nest.

My guess is that the first target would be the Iranian navy. There has to be a solid reason first in order to sell it to the public. If they can't find a reason, one will be created. The article implies that an attack on the Enterprise could be the plan, since it is being decomissoned after this tour anyway.

Israel is waiting for delivery of the remaining bunker busters, that the US has agreed to provide them. Some are saying that the White house is pushing to have Israel wait until after the election but wars tend to help a sitting president, especially when we are attacked first. I question whether they really want to help Obama win the re-election.

However, the financial aspect of this war has been going on for some time now. (the wacking of the nest). That is the primary focus of the article above.

I have no idea if or when they will actually invade, but the troops are in a position to do it now according to the pentagon. There are thousands of troops on the ground already on several sides of Iran.

Bombs will come first of course, and the Iran navy will be destroyed along with the usual targets. The shipping lanes are a primary target for Iran and will get high priority I'm sure.

It's unbelievable that this is even a remote possibility.
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