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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
watching porn is not lusting, admiring the nude body is not lusting, and by using your logic you could never date a women, due to dating might bring on lust for the woman and if you lust you committed adultery because one day she might be another mans wife. I know what you are trying to argue, but you are confusing porn=lust, sex=emotions and using bad examples. I would say normally you bring a pretty argument....this thread you did not. And how in the world does porn envolve human trafficking?
You can honestly tell me that you think you can have sex, with yourself or others, while watching porn and not feel any emotion towards the person in the porn? I get admiring art, I don't consider that bad. It's what most men, consciously or sub-consciously, do with that info.

And yes, you are spot on with the dating thing. It is a struggle that most dating Christians fight. Luckily most believe in God's mercy and strength to curb those thought intill marriage.

When it comes down to the verse I brought up about lusting in your heart it's a matter of what you do with what you see. I lived near, and was on MSU's campus for 8 years. There is know way to ignore a beautiful woman; there is a way to take that image and control what you do with it. That is what dating Xtians should be doing with the thoughts they have with one another.

He touched on the human trafficking thing in the sermon.
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