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Originally Posted by CreativeFab View Post
We are absolutely dumbfounded and amazed, to say the least!

Back story; For several weeks I was using hard candy as my only source of flavor as I was getting nutrition only through a feeding tube bypassing my stomach and into my intestines. And even then I had to spit out the saliva created as it had nowhere to go. With that said once I had surgery I never wanted to see that candy dish again!

Or so I thought, last night I had a craving for a lifesaver from that dish. I asked Kimberley to grab me one from the drawer I had her put the dish in, the bread drawer. I cannot eat bread yet so I would not be looking at this dish or even using this drawer. Nobody had been in this drawer since the day before my surgery when the candy was "stored"

Anyways, she brought the dish to the living room and she noticed something in it that did not match the candy, it was her ring!!! We hugged it out in astonishment and went over every possible scenario, we cannot explain how or why it was in there. She was wearing it at my side during my stay in the hospital, she remembers taking it off and laying on that sink.

We are so happy we have it, but how in the he double hockey sticks did it get there?

Thank you for those who offered suggestions on places to look, but the candy dish was something nobody would have thought of.
That was a great read on this blah day!
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