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Originally Posted by fullthrottle View Post
I think your blind in some ways but on the right path in others. You found what works for you, doesn't mean it will work for others.

That sermon could be 1000mins long it's still his opinion on what he concluded of his study.

Porn is bad when overdosed just like drinking bleach and crack and gambling and heroin and helium. Get my point....
I get your point and have no problem with it. I would ask, though, would you agree that porn is very easy to overuse? That the act of "making love to your self to porn" is a very easy way to gouge that path way into your brain because of the emotions and/or chemicals associated with the act. Not saying it happens to everyone, but that it happens to alot off people?

How come when it comes to a faith oriented thing people are 'blinded' but when someone has been in a field (other then ministry) for 20+ years what they say is respected because they have experience? Is there really a difference? I don't tell my mechanic that he's blinded by his 20+ years of experience, I listen to him because he's been doing it for a while and has an inside view on that field.

1st off a church has its good leaders and bad leaders, just like governments, which are quit frankly similar.

Church was formed by a group of people, whom had the same belief. Soon other forms of that 1st group broke off with their own beliefs.

Churches found out that they had sway over the mass of people and pushed this belief. Most wars were religious based in the old days. Till "land, slaves, gold(many forms), influence and even freedom of prosecution" took over.
Eh....I kind of agree with this point but you're missing the part where government has tried to use churches by corrupting those higher ups in the church to push the government's opinion. Some times.

Weak minded people follow...strong minded lead.( not always true...or straightforward)
Weak minded people can only become strong minded people by learning from 'the stronger minded people' correct? That's all those guys are trying to do. Is that wrong

I've been to many churches, ccd, baptized and confirmation. I've come to the conclusion that I believe in myself 1st and foremost.

I do watch porn, my wife and we have a healthy relationship.

I conclude that this sermon is his opinion based not on fact but assumption to the data he sees. Fact is something that is 100%. I don't see the same thing.
that's your right.

Also, keep in mind that i'm not mad or anything. Just having a conversation. If I come off mad, i'm not.

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