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Originally Posted by Ridin Dirty View Post
Weird.... another "I completely missed the point of the OP and possibly took offense because it's a personal issue for me, post".

Seriously though, I merely put this up for anybody who may want a little help with something that I KNOW people on here struggle with.

I think PP would say 'reading is a lost art'.

Originally Posted by Fatty Matty View Post
I've met shitloads of rapists and hundreds of crackheads in my time.

A rapist doesn't have feelings of lust...rape has zero to do with that, and porn does NOT cause people to go out and rape others. I've been dealing with them since the mid 90's and there hasn't been any increase in rapes because of it.

99% of the crackheads out there won't kill somebody for money...they'll steal it or turn tricks for it....for that matter most of them aren't even violent, they just want that next high.
Ok, I went into the rapist paralell a bit too far. Here's the thing though...wait for it......I understand that you guys have far more expierence in the subject and am completely willing to accept your knowledge and apologize for being ignant.

If you're anti-porn, that's cool. But you seem to come across as thinking that any amount of it is evil and will destroy a relationship based on your religious beliefs...or some video that a money-grubbing evangelist made up. Notice on that guys website there is a big-ass DONATE link at the top.
You really think ministry is a cash cow? Before you answer realize that I have been part of one and in leadership in one since I was in middle school. My dad is a UMC pastor and as a kid I often sat in on meetings of all sorts. Not only that but I heard the problems, from the leader of the church, unfiltered at home. I can tell you that, with out a doubt, ministry is the LAST thing you want to go into to make money.

This guy is helping thousands (if not millions of people) make thier marriages better and you're trying to paint him as a con artist? really?

Here's the nity grity. Churches/ministries require money to run just like any other business. Mark Driscols Ministry (Mars hills church, seattle) helps people in the Seattle area and all around the world. I think you'll find that most churches are the same. Heck, I havn't been to a budget meeting that they elders said 'yeah, we have plenty of money'. I dare you to get involved in a church and try and honestly keep the mentality that pastors are out to make money. I think you'll be disapointed at how wrong you actually are.

The same people that seem to think these guys are so great are usually the same folks that follow Dave Ramsey and other self-help types. A person with a strong mind, a brain and common sense doesn't need others to tell them how to conduct themselves.
Pride comes before a fall.
The wise man seeks counsel but the Fool only listens to him self.

All those names you've listed off help people. I'm sick and tired of the church (the body of Christ as a whole) being painted as a horrible thing when they, for the most part, carry most of the weight of caring for people home and abroad.

I Want to be clear here. People that hold your opinion on church are wrong. That's not my opinion, it's fact. Before you argue with me, go to the local church and ask the pastor for help. Ask him about the missionaries that they no doubt support, ask them about the homeless people that come to thier door every day. Then if you can honestly think you're still right, we can talk. I'm sick of it and far to many people are so ignorant to what the church actually does.

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