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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
The rapist is feeling a perverted feeling of Lust. One that he can't quench with 'normal sex'. The equivalent to a crack fiend killing someone for thier 20 dollar bill. I'm surprised (and happy that it isn't so) that there aren't more teenage rapists around. How much of the porn industry focuses on Teens?

The Unwilling participant is probably feeling fear, guilt and anxiety. Most would argue that she isn't even having sex but being attacked. Which I would agree with.
I've met shitloads of rapists and hundreds of crackheads in my time.

A rapist doesn't have feelings of lust...rape has zero to do with that, and porn does NOT cause people to go out and rape others. I've been dealing with them since the mid 90's and there hasn't been any increase in rapes because of it.

99% of the crackheads out there won't kill somebody for money...they'll steal it or turn tricks for it....for that matter most of them aren't even violent, they just want that next high.

If you're anti-porn, that's cool. But you seem to come across as thinking that any amount of it is evil and will destroy a relationship based on your religious beliefs...or some video that a money-grubbing evangelist made up. Notice on that guys website there is a big-ass DONATE link at the top.

The same people that seem to think these guys are so great are usually the same folks that follow Dave Ramsey and other self-help types. A person with a strong mind, a brain and common sense doesn't need others to tell them how to conduct themselves.
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