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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
those emotions have nothing to do with you think a rapist is enjoying those emotions when he is plowing away some unwilling participant? Or better yet do you think the unwilling participant of the rape is feeling love, lust and passion?
The rapist is feeling a perverted feeling of Lust. One that he can't quench with 'normal sex'. The equivalent to a crack fiend killing someone for thier 20 dollar bill. I'm surprised (and happy that it isn't so) that there aren't more teenage rapists around. How much of the porn industry focuses on Teens?

The Unwilling participant is probably feeling fear, guilt and anxiety. Most would argue that she isn't even having sex but being attacked. Which I would agree with.

You are honestly telling me you think that there is no emotion when you have sex? You're not happy? Pleasured? Feel loved? If that is so, I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on good sex that way. I would also ask that if you think there is no emotion then why, other then reproduction, do you have sex or look at porn?
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