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OK so I watch it and here's my thought:

The former porn star: It's horrible that she was molested when she was young, nobody should have to go though that. Most of the other bad thinks that happened to her were a result of her poor decision making. While porn was involved in many of those things, it did not cause them.

Religion: Obviously, the Bible teaches that porn is a sin. No argument possible there.

Marriage: I agree, in nearly all cases I think porn hurts marriages. I can say all because some people say it helps and who an I to deny that. But ultimately for most I think it becomes a negative.

Addiction: Sure, I'm sure ti can become addictive to some people. Just like heroin or cocaine, or alcohol, or eating, TV watching, the internet, gambling, or praying or going to church. Anything that is done repeatably will create those pathways in the brain and can become habit forming. Some more than others, in some people more than others, and some can become very harmful or even deadly. But not everyone who views porn becomes an addict. Some people can use it for the occasional "release" when there is no other good option. For some maybe it's even a good thing in that it might prevent them from getting into a bad relationship just for the sex. Just like most things, moderation is the key.

Rape: I think someone who is inclined to be a rapist is going to do it regardless of whether he saw it in a porno. I don't think porn make someone a rapist. Maybe it pushes a few marginal people over the edge, maybe.

Daughters: The guy he talked about who likes watching his daughters friends run around in their pajamas was just creepy. I have a 22 year old (her birthdays today) daughter, realizing that many of the girls in porn are younger than her, but all are some daddy's daughter is probably one of the strongest arguments against porn for a father.

I was thinking of more but I need to get to bed so that's it for now.
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