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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I've heard so many of you say that looking at porn has no effect on your sex life. Some even say it enhances it. If that's you I challenge you to make it through just this one sermon on Porn. I don't care if you believe in God, If your a 'family man' who really loves his wife and Children, this can help you understand what effect (weather you want to admit it or not) that porn can have on them.
Quoted to reinforce why I posted it to all you "Mind your own business guys".

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
Religion is like the government. Its a bunch of people that live in glass houses that think they can tell you how to live your life better than you can do on your own.
"A wise man seeks counsel but a foolish man relies on his own opinion"

Originally Posted by marshall View Post
porn in church=less kid rape
If you were to actually listen to the sermon you'd see why that isn't actually true. It's the complete opposite.

Originally Posted by steveo View Post
Marriage kills sex.
Not for someone who uses it right. I've had way more sex since I've been married then before I was. .

Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I'm married. It's porn or nothing.
I'm married and I had sex 3 times last week. .
Only been married for 4 years
Originally Posted by steveo View Post
Too busy watching porn.
They could listen to it. .

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
45 minutes?

That's like 5 times I could have fucked the wife and 6 times I could have jacked off. I consider that time better spent.

I thank the porn for my expedient, efficient completion.
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