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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
That's funny because he backs up alot of the reasons it damages things with Science, Mostly Neurobiology. Not so much opinion but more "this is what Porn does to your brain". You don't have to listen to it but why even bother commenting on it if you don't want to give your wrist a brake for 45 min and listen?
He's simply putting something together to present/push his beliefs onto others. His use of science isn't a PSA, it's merely used to push his agenda. He doesn't like porn.

I don't like all the kids running around looking like girls with their skinny pants and girly haircuts...but I don't say anything about it as it isn't my family nor concern.

Besides, I don't jerk off at the computer. For the most part I don't even look at e-porn all that much, it's all the same shit over and over.

Originally Posted by C.K. View Post
Why does it take someone with balls to post that? All it takes is someone that wants to be nosy and tell others what they are doing wrong and that they know what is best for someone else even though they dont know the other people.

What might be fine for you might not be for the next person. Dont worry about what I (or the next guy) do and I wont pretend to care if you fukc goats or use porn.

I have my beliefs and other people have theirs. I've never seen any reason to push my preferences onto others or tell them whatever floats their boat is wrong in my eyes under the guise of a public service announcement.

I'm Catholic. I have friends that are Jewish, Atheist, Baptist and everything in between. I respect what they believe in even though it's not what I roll with, but don't push my beliefs on them. If your religion is a bottle of Jerkins and a 21" monitor with 24/7 porn then so be it.
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