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Originally Posted by dietcoke313 View Post
The reason I'm asking you for it is because you are the one putting it out there so back it up. I don't think you are attacking me at all. I am playing devils advocate here so I can get a real fact not opinion.
There are plenty of facts out there, if you want them they are readily available. This is a thread asking the obama supporters WHY THEY are supporting him, not asking those like me who DO NOT support obama to discredit him.

Please present your facts as to what he has done that is GOOD for the country.

I don't want to see you tell me that you have a job, or the skewed unemployment numbers are down (I'm in a career heavily related to unemployment numbers, so don't play that card). I want to see what policies you feel he has implemented are good for the long term growth of our country and why, what has he done to create long term sustainable job growth? what has he done to help the turn around of the housing crisis (without major government spending? or tax handouts?) What has obama done to spread the wealth (with out just giving it to those freeloaders?)

This is YOUR thread to explain why YOU support him, not vice versa, if you want facts to dis-credit obama just open every other thread in the politics forum to prove why we don't like him.

In the end I have yet to see anyone post any cold hard facts backed up with their personal opinion as to WHY something obama has implemented has been good for the country. Yet they are supporting him because they don't like the other guy. I realize that is part of the political climate of today, but that's not good....regardless, feel free to post about why you support obama and will be voting for him. In doing so, don't slam the repubs, or the right, just post about what obama is doing that you think is good enough to garner your vote.

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