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Originally Posted by dietcoke313 View Post
my point is that this is rhederic and opinion, not facts. Wiky answer is not a credible site because I can add just about anything I want to that list true or not.
It's not opinion, get off your ass and do a little reading about how many of the things that stan pointed out have happened, it's a slippery slope, it's moving swiftly in the wrong direction and 4 more years will only build incredible speed to ruin what hasn't already been ruined.

I'm sorry you (like most other obama supporters) want ME or STAN or someone else to do the work for YOU. Which is part of the problem with free loaders.

Yeah, I'm using you as an example. In the perfect world for the way our society should be ran if you wanted that knowledge and wanted the answer's (or if you wanted a nice house, money, nice cars, a good job, healthcare, etc) you'd get off your ass and you'd work for it. Instead you want me to go and find those policies and regulations and implementations that obama has pushed thru, is pushing thru, and conitnues to fight for in favor of the lazy people and the uneducated people who support and vote for him.

I don't know you, and I'm not attacking you personally, but you're displaying to me exactly what it is wrong with 99% of obama supporters.....
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