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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I was impressed that you contributed to a thread in an intelligent manner. Almost all of your posts are negative in context and you do a lot of name calling. Why you decided to target me for a medical condition I did not ask for not do I enjoy having, I don't know. I guy on this site gets cancer and everybody rallies around to support him (nothing wrong with that), but I come out with my condition and a few select individuals feel the need to take personal stabs at me about it. I refuse to feel ashamed of my condition and don't feel the need to hide it. I was offered full disability because of it but I turned it down. At least give a guy credit for trying to pull his own weight in society even when he was handed a golden ticket to fukc off the rest of his life.

Now if you wanna play nice, I'm cool with that, if not, I can dish out the insults just as well as anybody else around here.

Your move.
I am sorry that there was a comment that was off-color directed towards you. And from what you wrote, I applaud your character displayed in your choice not to take what ever the assistance was that was offered to you. But maybe, the better platform to discuss this would be a p.m. to the one that offended you, instead of a thread that has proven so far to be a bit of miracle for this forum. An apology can be lost in the rhetoric that can be generously dished out on here.
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