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Originally Posted by dietcoke313 View Post
I do understand about taxes go to programes for the public. That is what taxes are for. (I just meant more taxes than what we are currently paying) And I do understand that not everyone pays taxes. I would like to know how Obama made it worse than pre 2008. Well I guess I am wrong but I thought that his claim, just like every other false claim was to reduce the deficit, reduce taxes all while improving the over all situation of the country What policy Obama has implemented that would cause government to grow. It isn't that programs have been implemented yet, but the writing is on the wall based on his intentions, especially when we are out of money. How could he possibility pay for these proposed programs if he's out of money? Take a guess.It just seems to me that some people say Obama is the cause but not back it up. If I made the statement that he did "x" and "x" then I would be wrong. I mentioned many posts ago that no matter who got that job for the current term was going to be fighting an uphill battle. "Big Government" when it becomes big government perpetuates it self.

Thank you toast for for your input. I'm not trying to be difficult here but this goes back to the original question. What has Obama done or hasn't done to deserve to be re-elected.
His changes that he said he was going to make, if he has in fact made them, have not improved on a system that needs so much improvement. Any small legitimate improvement for the good of the nation would make the argument for the current president a strong one, no matter who it was

So yes the question is "What has he done?" Nothing that I can tell and its time to take a different approach, in my very humble opinion.

Let it be known, if it isn't already painfully obvious, that I know as much as I need to to sound like I am full of caca. So, (like usual) in very interested in learning more about this so when asked I can form a more informed and better educated opinion.
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