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Originally Posted by dietcoke313 View Post
I would really like to know. How did government get bigger under Obama. Please do tell me.

This is one of the main talking points for the anti Obama so anyone please tell me.
In a nut shell, my understanding is that "big government" is a term associated with the concept of wealth re-distribution, something that conservatives (like me) don't think fondly of. Something that President Obama has been a fan off, as long as it isn't his wealth, (another double standard form the elite) I could have misunderstood, and if so, please someone correct me.

Now, I don't think fondly if it because I don't want what money I have to bust my ass for go to someone that doesn't work at all, or contribute to this nation, and worse live more comfortable than meedit here, I contradicted myself embarrassingly enough, I really don't care that others live more comfortable than me, It is the fact that their false sense of entitlement, clouds whatever judgement they expound on others thus making this society a less than savory place to live in.....all....., while they are not working.

But, believe it or not, more important to me, I don't want anyone's help. My family and I will make it on our own with out the assistance of anyone other than my GOD. We do this because we make a concerted effort to live within our means, and are proud of what we have accomplished and are appreciative beyond words for what we have been provided. If I need something and don't have the money for it, I sell something that has been provided to me, to make the expense affordable. I am not so attached to my tangible items that I will not part with them to make ends meet. So now that I spouted off about my personal opinion on this stuff bring on the flame throwers......

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