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<--- enjoying the fact that this thread has gone into 7 pages of relitivly cival dialoge...

Originally Posted by aber61
No I am not suggesting that it would be undesirable to have programs to help the ones that cannot afford health care coverage. If people need to see a doctor or have to be in the hospital for medical related issues then it should be affordable. Everyone needs to be treated as an equal according to medical attention received. But it is not that way, unfortunatly. It's who's got the money gets the best medical attention. There has to be a way but not at the cost of a nation going broke because of it. We have medicare and medicade for that.
With the Obamacare issue it is more about control than healthcare for all.
As for rationing healthcare, they will say it will not happen but believe me when I tell you that if and when Obamacare is fully implemented if not before you will see longer waits to see the doctors and longer waits for surgeries. It happens in Canada and that is what they have there, socialized medical coverage for all.
I'm trying to understand what you think we need changed with our heath care system VS. what you think will happen according to the Obama administrations plan for heath care. I'm seeing you say things like...
- everyone needs to be treated equal.
- there has to be a way for heath-care for everyone, but not at the expence of the nation.
-medicare and medicaid are working for those that can't afford other coverage.
-I should belive you when you tell me that Obama's health care plan = Canada.

Is this about right?
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