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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I disagree with that.

Yes if you just go all willy-nilly by the seat of your pants you will probably fukc something up.

I'm sure we have all saw plenty of threads where guys, "went and got dis here tractor cylinder from TSC" and "done ripped the motor off mah ferk truck" and ended up having poor results.

But the requirements for all of the components can be calculated. Assuming you are buying something reputable that has accurate specs there is no reason why you have to buy a pre-designed "package".

The other thing, which is where I think Erin is going, is if other people are using cylinder X with oribital Y and having good results I don't see how that would be a bad idea.

I'm just curios as to why the single ended ram than the double ended. I've always heard that the single ended rams are not balanced when it comes to "in" and "out" travel. To me it seems like the way these guys throw these southern buggies around they would want one of the best most reactive steering setups you can get.
no, sounds like you agree with me actually. maybe i should have said "some people"

se keeps the cylinder up and out of the way while they are doing 90 uphill towards a rock???
Originally Posted by 1 ton tj on 40's View Post
every circle needs a pivot man
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