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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Morning Toast, Its good to see fresh ideas and a different outlook.
I thing I see your senario with Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi

Thank you, I was hoping I got that right. I haven't even got my first cup of mud down my throat. Kinda dangerous to spin off like that with out caffeinated encouragement.

But my point was that we are headed down this road. We are getting a president, whoever it is, that is a puppet for the elite, regardless of what party affiliation they claim. We need to find a president that can represent the people, not the representatives for the elite that have been placed by the elite.

Fresh ideas......that would be a fresh idea. Political hats are hung on these old debates that people have been conditioned to rate important to them. Not because it is truly important, in most cases, but it poses a potential mark in the victory column if a debate is won in their favor by their party, and people like to see someone win. A mark in that column translates to some sort of superiority on all fronts, which makes concrete the concept of that party being the best party in power. These are conditioned victories, A conditioned victory, is that of a sales pitch, strategically placed at the right moment, so it boosts confidence in the whole picture. It is a well wrote movie that we cannot see the end of because we are drawn into the current .

It is the sheep that are looking to a false shepard or false shepards, and the false shepard's are paid under the table by the wolves, the elite.

We need to wake up and fight the true problem. No one ever lost a fight because they fought, they lost because they did not defend themselves effectively or didn't fight at all to begin with.

I don't know many people on here, and my comments are based on one opinion, mine and what ever I learn along the path that has been set before me. I bet there is not one elite-ist on here. But I can tell you this, the wolves are counting on all of the middle class, us, to fight each-other over everything. A civil war among the middle class, rendering it voiceless and bound by its own failure, will put a mark in the win column for the wolves. And let me be clear, the wolves are not just the Elite in America, they are worldwide. Period.
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