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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
I want what I think most Americans want. I want to be free to live my life without interference from others, government, religion, or otherwise. I want ordered liberty.

I didn't vote for Obama last time and I won't be voting for Barack, Mitt, Rick, or Newt this time. It will be Ron Paul or third party. I see a vote for the establishment Republican candidate as 8 more years of pretty extreme misery. I see a vote for Obama as 4 more years of very extreme misery. Neither is acceptable and I won't support either.

I am hoping for a brokered convention. This will favor Paul heavily as he has stacked the delegate's in every state with his supporter's who will be free to vote for any candidate they wish during a brokered convention.

Anyone who believe's that the economy is improving, or has improved since the mid 90's, or will improve under either establisment party candidate isn't paying attention. Obama is no more or less to blame for this than Bush I, Bush II, Reagan, Clinton, Carter, Ford, Nixon... none of them did much of anything real to the economy, but they all took credit or blame from voters. This plays into the red team vs. blue team game that keeps us divided.

As far as the real ecomomy goes...

9% unemployment? Thats' funny and completely false, but it sure looks good to uninformed voters during and election year. At least compared to the real number, closer to 22%.

Inflation 2%? Stop it you're killing me! Real annual inflation, using the old method that included things like food and gasoline, is more like 9.6%

When the numbers look bad, then just change the accounting method until you get the number you want. EASY! Expect the numbers to improve slightly until after election day.

Add to that: Real interest rates are negative and cannot be changed, debt has exceeded GDP, The five biggest American banks are on the hook to bail out the euro when it fails but don't have the capital to do it. And China, India, Iran, and Russia are considering trading oil in gold, not dollars, directly threating the petro-dollar scam that's kept this country alive since the we went off the gold standard. The housing market is still in free fall while the banks are holding on to their forclosed inventory, for fear of taking a loss that will bankrupt them.

Try reading at for a couple of weeks and then come back and tell me how the economy is really doing.

Meanwhile there is only one current candidate who has a real grasp on these issues.
I like and hate your post all at the same time. I like it because its right. I hate it because its right.

The unemployment thing kinda gets me. All they ever seem to talk about is the amount of new claims or even the number of people that are still collecting benefits. How about a good hard number for the public of how many people have exhausted their benefits and have fallen off the records? I would imagine that's where the 22% you mention comes in to play that they never speak of.
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