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Originally Posted by dietcoke313 View Post
I just looked this up and the wavers you are talking about are time limited all ending in 2014 and are for the minimum of coverage. The unions did get some of the 1200 given out but not the biggest share. The insurance companys did.
I recently learned that because of Obamacare I may be forced to take my employer's shit health insurance instead of riding on my wife's employer's less mediocre health insurance.

Fuck the wat?

To me the people that LIVE on welfare are freeloaders and should be gone. But that's not really why I even started this topic.

For me:
Hatred of freeloaders >> dislike of abortion
Therefore I vote

I guess if anything I've learned from this topic is that we are all pretty much the same. are anti- and are anti- more than they are anti-(insert the other guy here) and far, far more than they are pro-(insert your party's candidate here).
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