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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Forcing your religious and moral views on others is another way to control people.
I understand this p.o.v. but cant quite agree. The religious and moral views are not forced on anyone. Regardless of your spiritual denomination, there is a common understanding of whats right and wrong. We all have to make conscious choices when it involves situations that address these differences. This doesn't necessarily mean its religion that is the root of this, but more so the common understanding that we have. If there is a reference to the issues that are the hot points for a debate, they are there because we are conditioned to inquire about them, because that was the control that was handed over to us, as a society, by the elite.

I am a salesman by career, (yup, bring it, and the truth...we all are) and one of the oldest strategies for closing a sale is giving control to someone you hope to sell something to. By doing this, you are actually maintaining control, simply by the motion of giving it away. Anything that people develop a dependence on, is quicker taken away than originally given. Once it is taken away, then there is demand created regardless of where it comes from, thus enters control.

We need to progress in a way that what we need is actually provided by ourselves, for ourselves. A self sustaining system becomes dependent on itself, thus it's strength is in itself and growth becomes something of a sure thing.

We are set up to be dependent, not on ourselves but, the ones that have handed over control on the issues that they want us to care about and invest time energy and money into. Our eyes have been diverted away from the underlining that has been deteriorated away. This has been fueled by both sides. So to say that this originated from one side of the isle or the other, well that is the obtuse thinking that the elite are banking on us being blinded by. It fuels our anger and frustration and keeps the blinders up so we don't see what is actually happening.

This has been a great thread. It was mentioned that this has had great info. But it started with the question, did the current president do something that compels one to vote for him again? I don't think that the current administration can take credit for anything positive that has happened. As I mentioned before, I think these events were going to happen, and whoever was in office would have that to their credit.

OK. To bed I go. Good night and GOD Bless.
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