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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Right. Our medical system isn't big enough for everyone to get treatment. If everyone could afford treatment our system would be overwhelmed. The only fair answer is to ration health care based on ability to pay. If you're poor, oh well, it sucks to be you.
So your answer is to force everybody to pay into a system to provide healthcare to the people who do not want to work and contribute into a system of healthcare.
The healthcare system is crazy and expensive but to allow the government to run it is even worse. We all know what happens when the government gets involved in business, look at the postal system and the public schools and medicade.
There has to be a better way and affordable for everybody but obamacare is FORCED on everybody except for the waviers he gave out to his big supporters. If Obama care is good enough for the American people then why is it not good enough for politicians and the ones lucky enough to recieve waviers?
Something is not right with obamacare.
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