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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
First let me mention that I did not vote for Obama in the last election, and am undecided who I will vote for in the coming election.

So letís look at a few things that have happened in the past 4 yearsÖ

Economy: We could argue until the end of time and not agree on the causes of the most recent recession, and whether the action of the Obama administration have helped or hindered the recovery. But is obvious to me is that we were headed into the recession well before Obama took office, and the recently the recovery has gained traction and the economy is getting stronger. If you prescribe to the belief that the President in office at the time when something happens with the economy deserves the credit or blame for what happens you have to score this a plus for Obama.

Wars: When Obama took office we were involved in 2 wars. He pulled us out of one, is in the process of pulling us out of the second. We have been involved in a couple if situations but none have resulted in us being dragged into another war.

Health care: Under the old plan costs are skyrocketing, We pay more than any other modern nation, cover a lower percentage of our citizens that any modern nation, and are not as healthy as other nations. We may have the best health care, but it does little for you if you canít afford it. Obama says his plan will allow you to get it for less money. If you are one of the people who canít afford it, but will be able to if the plan works, why would you vote for him?

Taxes: Obama says he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and maintain or lower them for everyone else. Not a bad sounding plan if youíre not wealthy, as most arenít.

Budget: Fair or not the came off looking like they just wanted to stand in the way of any agreement and Obama as the one that wanted to move forward, and who was willing to do what he had to do at least keep the government running.

X a billion. Well said Bruce.
I did not vote for Obama but will this year.
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