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Originally Posted by SHARPMACHINE View Post

This is a good thread. No real bashing going on and allot of great points.
I think so too. It takes not the the actions of a few right now, but the actions of a collective many with the same morals, ethics, qualities and backbone to make a voice that is to be heard by the voted-in few, that speak for the many, that may and I stress may, make a difference.

We have been convinced that the few that we vote in to represent the many, have the power and that no matter what, they have the final say. This is not the case. They are representatives for us, not to us. We are victims of a multitude of circumstances that have shaped the political and economical landscape into one that is difficult to navigate because we are not permitted because of our status. Some of the circumstances are cause-and-effect adn some are the bi-product of what we have been to blind to see coming to fruition. Again, this is an effective way to keep the middle class out of the way of the elitist's and their agenda. We are a nation of people that have been sold on the fact that the political specifics are too complicated for us to handle and that we should just let the politicians "handle" these problems. We have been conditioned to not think for ourselves and the notion of such is nearly illegal and looked upon in some cases as an "act against the state".

We need to understand that "Government" itself isn't the problem, it is the solution for itself when itself has grown un-govern-able, a symptom of its size. It's size does not insinuate that small government can only govern a small nation and a large government can govern a large nation. It insinuates that it is efficient in its roll to represent the nation as a whole, again something that rattles the agenda of the elite few.

Small, efficient, pointed, direct, concise and sharp. If you want a government that actually performs the way that the many need it to, it needs to be small, regardless of party. Although I believe that it does not come down to party, sides, weather you swing left or right, up or down, I do believe that if it were governed by laws that were written a few thousand years ago, we would be in a much better place. I am not the only one that thinks this way, as it was the reason that the notion of "One nation, Under GOD, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all" came to be.
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