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Originally Posted by jeepxj2007 View Post
I am building a Ford L.P. Dana 44 for my truggy. I picked up a set of chevy knuckles, single piston caliper brackets, and spindles all from the chevy so I can run high steer since they are all set up for them. When I put these knuckles on what should I order the ball joints for? The ford or the chevy or doesn't it make a difference because they are more than likely the same? I was curious of that....and if they are different and I do need the chevy ones what year should I say it is from if ordering from rockauto to ensure I order them for a 44 and not a 10 bolt?
ive used Mr.N's site a lot. read through it 3 or 4 times, im sure im still missing stuff that could answer my questions.

as for BJs, i believe they interchange... ford, chevy, FSJ.

Originally Posted by TanTahoe View Post
Im building a similar axle for my Tahoe. (HP Dana 44 with Chevy outer). From what I found, you will have to change out the outer stub shafts for chevy ones. They are different lengths.
ive been told and read this too.

Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
Not true about changing them out. Yes they are different lengths. The end of the short ford ones are threaded. You can use a bolt and washer for this.

The way it worked when I did the was I had a few stub shafts and didn't know where they came from. Some were extra long with 2 snap ring locations. Some just had a single snap ring location and was short (i think this was the ford). I ran a few that were long but with only one snap ring location (think these were the chevy ones). You need the outer snap ring location to hold your lockout in. If you had the shaft with 2 snap rings, you used the outer, If you had the shaft with the one and was longer, it works on that one. If you have the shorter shaft with only one, that is when you used the bolt and washer.
i have 5 ford stubs sitting in the shed, none of them are threaded. the FSJ and chevy stubs should be longer by a C hair like your sayng... 9 23/32 vs 9 15/16. i guess its enough to make a difference.

to the OP... any chance your wanting to run 8 lug? if so, PM me. i have the spindles youll need, im looking for the ones you probably have if your chevy outers are 6 lug.
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