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Default *Found*, wife needs help locating wedding ring.

Kimberley has been taking care of me for years and has been through several unfortunate mishaps in my life and always stayed by my side. We have been together since 1987, but 1991 found us looking head on at a lifetime of spinal issue for me as I had broke my back at work. During this trying time in our lives she never wavered in her love and support.

It was during this time I decided this was the girl I was to marry. So I started to save my pennies from anything left after bills from my workmans comp pay checks to purchase her a special ring which she deserved so much. She worked at a jewelry store and the owner helped me out a bunch. Over the last 20 plus years I have wanted to "upgrade" that ring for her but she said the original ring means so much to her that she wouldn't change it for the world.

Here is where it gets sad, she has been so focused on keeping me comfortable during this latest health issue we have been going through that she only had my well being on her mind. So much so that when I was discharged from U of M last week after surgery that she stopped to use a restroom prior to our 2 hour ride home and sat her ring on the sink to wash her hands. Well after leaving me in a wheel chair outside the restroom door she rushed out only to forget her ring on that sink.

After calling U of M lost and found we are losing hope it will be turned in. So I would like to ask a favor of anyone living in the Ann Arbor or surrounding area if in their travels if they happen to stop by any of the pawn shops and see a wedding ring that fits the following description. I know it's a long shot but stranger thing shave happened.

The setting is gold and the bottom of the band is flat (yes, too much grip on the steering wheel) :) Regardless, this flat bottom kept it from turning on her finger. The center stone is round (approximately 1 carat). On each side of the center stone are two curved rows of diamonds. The first "band" (they look like parenthesis) to the left and right of the center stone have 3-4 small round diamonds each and the outer parenthesis are filled with baguette cut diamonds.

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