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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Here’s my conspiracy theory:

Some for right person, maybe even someone running for the GOP nomination, got all excited when they heard about someone having information that if revealed could cost Obama the election. But then they actually saw what Breitbart had they realized it was really lame and would not have an effect on anything. So they came up with a plan. They would befriend him, and take him out for dinner the night before he was to reveal this information, and slip something into his food to cause him to have a heart attack and die. Then they can do the double whammy on Obama. Get people to believe that the information was so damaging to Obama that Obama would go to the extreme of having him killed to keep it hidden.
Breitbart was a man who was not liked by the liberal left because of what he stood for and exposed them(liberals) for their decietful lies. If he did have damming evidence against Obama it would be the left that would have the most to lose and it would be the liberal left that would have everything to gain by offing Breitbart.
Breitbart did have documents he left with his collegues and time will tell what he had. If the evidence shows up, he died of a heart attack, if the evidence doesn't show it is quite possible he was murdered. Just my thoughts.
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