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Originally Posted by orionn View Post
Dont smack it as hard as you can....thats not good. it can be dangerous
You should be able to just let gravity do the work.
Just let the hammer face tap the face of the anvil, (make sure the face hit flat) it should rebound (Bounce) and the avil should ring clear for a short time.
If it does, tap it harder to hear the ring or the thud if its cracked.
If it the hammer bounces, but it sounds more like you hit a crushed heavey wall steel pipe, you have a crack most likely.

also, be warry of hitting it too close to the edge, the do chip.

wear eye protection, you are hitting two pieces of hardrned steel together, the hammer may chip.

Hope that helps
Thanks for the info! When I get home I will give it a shot. I know a hammer really bounces off it a lot but I can't recall the sound it makes. Is there a specific spot that they are usually stamped with a brand name? The edges aren't very Sharp on it and you can tell it has been around for a long time, it wouldn't shock me a bit if it was well over 150 years old. The previous owner of my house was a depression era farmer that lived there for 75 years and his dad lived there before him. They weren't the type to buy anything that was even close to new. I have been tempted to put it on the mill and clean it up but I want to make sure I'm not going to kill the value if it is something rare.
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