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How about more smilies in general

Just add some more. Gets kind of old having the same options.

Jeep forum smilies

:cool: :shhh:
:p ;)
:D :o

:rofl: :laugh:
:drool: :tea:
:2thumbsup: :cheers2:
:thumbsup: :thumbdown:
:kiss: :cheers:
:highfive: :hahaha:
:nono: :wave:
:brickwall :devil:
:spam: :oops:
:thankyou: :aban:
:banme: :OffTopic:
:closed: :wrongforum:
:agree: :doh:
:welcome: :nofeedtroll:
:ontopic: :bump:
:google: :ditto:
:justkidding: :tinfoil:
:washme: :+1:
:banana: :salute:
:umbrella: :droolie:
:bacon: :2c:
:help: :congrats:
:carrot: :goink:
:gunfight: :fear:
:pickle: :dunno:
:crying: :nuts:
:ignore: :idea:
:wavey: :pout:
:ranton: :rantoff:
:amen: :rantscream:
:club: :facepalm:
:fistlaugh: :trophy1:
:trophy2: :eyebulge:
:welder: :ballchain:
:violin: :barbell:
:longtongue: :karaoke:
:fight: :chilly:
:duhrock: :peaking:
:newbie: :ghost:
:mod: :creeper:
:wolverine: :monsta:

MW Smilies

:dirty: :wtf:
:hehe: :fp:
:wave: :uh:
:sadpanda: :kiss:

:cry: :fryingpan:
:yeah: :nate:
:blush: :hug:
:shrug: :banghead:
:dance2: :cheers:
:lol: :ftw:
:rofl: :old:
:D :ha:
:lech: :dance:
:flip: :drool:
:praise: :idance:

:eq: :rov:
brent :mp:
:beefy: :party:
:tgs: :ben:
:arg: :cane:
:rasp: :hijacked:
:BDR: :mongo:
:blabla: :shixxle:
:spin: :broke:
:tyler: :yikes:
bjb :ptt:
:tongue: :argue:
x2 ;)
:horse: :clap:
:roady: :english:
:fart: :drugs:
<3 :booboo:
wpwp :rant:
:tim: :chill:
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