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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
Just a guess here,

$1200 in link ends
$1000 in tube i would almost double this 14 sticks so 1400
$4000 in shocks
$10,000 in axles double this 20,000
$7,000 in motor
$2,500 in a transfer case
$1,000 in gauges and chassis harness
$4,000 in bullshit or more nuts and bolts add up expecially 1 inch hardware

Grand total of $30,700+10400
plus half the shit you missed
+2000 body work and paint
+750 fuel system and cell
+ 2000 power glide trans
+1500 drivshafts
+1000 seats and harness
+ 1000 links them self
+3500 wheels and tires
+2500 steering parts
+ labor i would be willing to bed there's hundreds of hours into making that thing all blingy, could you build it your self cheaper maybe. would it be as visually appealing more then likely no
+14250 in extras
+ 10400price change in your original post
+30,700 your guess

55,350 + labor

I know your buggy didn’t even cost one third of my estimate
i would love to see you build what i had for 10k, yes using all junk yard parts you could maybe do it for 16-20k plus labor. If you think you can build turn keys rigs for 10k you should go into buisness
look at how much that little suspension kit on your go kart cost, think about the shear size difference.

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