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Default toyota axle help

first let me say i am a jeep guy and mainly mess with ford 9" and dana axles and i don't know shit about a toy axles

ok what happend is my buddy blew up his stock ring pinion and carrier in his 90 4 runner that according to the vin had a v6 from the factory and now has a sbf in it so i go and order a v6 ring and pinion, master install kit and picked up a used carrier off pirate for a v6 now i get all the parts and go to install them the ring and pinion and carrier do not fit and i soon find out i have a 4 cly third so i pick up a used v6 bare slightly modified (holes fro the studs are inlarged two 3/8") third off pirate

now i cant find cairrer bearings to fit what i need is a bearing that will have a 3.255 od and a 1.975 id

i spent 2 hrs looking at every toy carrier bearing at the parts store and i have ordered 3 differnt sets and all are wrong

i am confused

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