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Originally Posted by SweetLeah View Post
Can your grandpa express his wishes when he is having a lucid moment?
No he doesn't. My Grandpa was/is a devout christian, and don't believe he would condone what is essentially assisted suicide. There has been the question of "quality of life" but I say, who are we to decide what is an "acceptable" quality of life? When he has his moments of lucidity, he is happy, and glad to see he is surrounded by family. Those times are getting fewer, and farther... Simply because of the progression of all of is illnesses. My opinion is give him IVs keep him hydrated, give him antibiotics, pain meds. ect. The doctors have said that following that line of care, he could last of 4-5 years possibly. With out it, he has weeks... very painful, sad weeks. It would essentially starve, dehydrate, and kill him with pain. I have a big issue with that, but that's what the way the family is leaning.

I don't think that we should allow our passionate opinion to cloud the fact that we believe that when God is ready for us to come home, that he will take us. I agree that 'mechanical intervention' is not what God would want, as that would be intervening with his plan. That's where I get my thought line of it's our responsibility to keep him comfortable until that time. I guess the gray area is where/what is the point of comfort care and mechanical care?

Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
If it were me, I'd want to be gone before ever getting to this point.
I believe that's what everybody says, but when God doesn't "allow" your body to give out, you don't have much of a choice.
In bed, according to prophesy.
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