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Default Basic TJ DD Build

I decided its time for a build thread, since I have actually been building this jeep since I bought it. I've owned 6 XJ's over the years, two with rusty's 4.5" lifts on them. My first two xj's ended up in MiniBeast's hands, cj7on44's now has my other 2 door, and I just sold my lifted 4 door xj because I found a good deal on a lifted TJ.

Thats the only picture I can find at the moment before any modifications. It has a 2" spring lift, and 2" body lift, on 33" BFG's, 4.0, 5spd, 4.10 gears with lock rights front and rear. D30/35 combo.

First up were new bumpers:

Big thanks to JCR for working a great deal on these, those guys are great and are building some awesome products.

Along with the new bumpers came a new smittybilt xrc8 comp winch, I wanted the synthetic line for weight savings and ease of use. I can tell you after dog party, that it performed very well.

Need more ground clearance, hung up on shovel and fuel tank skid here, once out of the ruts she crawled right up this hill. Made that line the next time around without winching.

I also have a pair of GenRight 4" flare tube fenders waiting to be mounted, since the stock ones have the usual rust on them.

Future plans are as follows:

Install the tube fenders

3-4" long arm lift, loose the body lift.

Upgrade axles: currently planning on a pair of waggy 44's unless you guys can talk me out of this for some reason. The cost of mounts, gears and lockers may end up reaching the point where I'm better off finding a set of rubicon 44's ready to go. I plan on running 4.56 or 4.88's and a 37" tire.

Once axles are upgraded, I plan on purchasing a set of of trailworthyfab's recentered h1's with the 37" mtr. Since this is my DD, the tires will hold up to the street well, the double beadlock will let me air down low enough that the tire should have decent traction offroad (especially if we groove them), and replacement tires are dirt cheap.

Those are the plans at this point, I'm open for criticism, ideas, concerns, etc. Especially open to ideas for axles, I'm not really looking to go to 60's though, just don't want the weight and cost involved. I would be open to an 8.8 rear and 44 front, or 9" rear, something along those lines, just don't want to go full width, I'd like to keep it a little narrower for the trails.
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