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Missing a LOT of info. What are the engine specs? What heads do you have and howabout porting? As much info as you can provide will help. What do you plan on zinging this thing to (rpm's)?

Just a few points:

The stealth is going to be better suited for more cubic inches and the runners are designed close to the CJ sized ports. You need some pretty aggresive heads, cubic inches and cam to get it to work to the maximum potential.

The Performer RPM intake (NOT AIR GAP) is going to have smaller runners and ports but will be much better suited for a milder application. Also, I believe these still come port matched to the Edelbrock gaskets. These are awesome intakes for a milder engine and the longer runners work great.

If your engine is a true 460 cubic inches and not stroked to 514 and above, don't go with the stealth unless you have DOOE-R heads and are spinning to 7K.

My .02

I have some of those DOOE-R's by the way, and a lot of other stuff too. Just not the intake you need. If you're ever looking for heads, pistons, valvetrain (big stuff), balancers etc. get with me. I have more than I can remember and have no attachment to any of it. Most is big cu in stuff but some of the things dont really matter cu in.

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