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Wow. What a big steaming crock of fear-mongering bullshit.

"All that first term, lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term"

Bust out the tinfoil hats, everyone. Obama is only doing what he's doing so that he can get re-elected and come out of right field with something completely irrelevant to the stated strategy of his entire presidency, and a complete back-burner issue at the moment! I'm glad Mr. LaPierre substantiated his claims with some evidence. Oh, wait, no, it's just the typical NRA anti-Democrat fodder, pandering to the kind of idiot who takes politicized hyperbole at face-value without doing a bit of research.

Want some facts? Read this:

Or this page, which does an objective analysis of his positions on gun control/2nd Amendment rights:

Sure, he's obviously not the most 'pro-gun' president, but he's definitely not as 'anti-gun' as the NRA clearly wants you to believe. Plus, the whole notion that Obama can do whatever the hell he wants his 2nd term because he doesn't have to worry about being reelected is plain idiocy. There's also this little matter of the House and the Senate. If Obama were to push through anti-gun laws, the Democrats would surely lose the House majority, and give the GOP an even larger majority in the Senate. Look at what happened after Clinton passed the 'assault weapons ban' in 1994.

I'm not a fan of Obama, but this kind of fear-mongering by the NRA really annoys me.
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