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Default a fellow gun owner needs your help

Please sign this petition. It takes less than 30 seconds and it can make a big difference.

What is this about? Well, David Sarti is a victim of abuse of the state of Tennessee's legal system. His firearms were taken because he made remarks to a doctor that when he was a having breathing problems and was suffocating, that was the closest he had ever been to taking his life. He is physically disabled and has no means of protecting himself, or his property. Collecting firearms was one of his few hobbies he is still capable of doing and now can't even do that. David is a Christian man and has openly stated that he would never really do such a thing. Still, the state has stripped him of his right to own the only things that he can adequately protect himself with, and has essentially stripped him of his right to self preservation.

Some of you will know who this guy is but a lot of you likely won't. To make it short he is a prepper who posts videos on youtube about all things having to do with survival. He is also a frequent volunteer at schools, gun shows, ham radio fests, ect. He really needs a decent attorney and is accepting donations but understands that many people cannot afford to donate money right now. This is his youtube channel for those who want to see what he is all about.
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