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Originally Posted by jeepfreak81 View Post
As I understood it there isn't supposed to be f'ing around in the FS forums which is why he was asked to moderate it a long time ago.

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances he has barely been on the board the last year, and people got used to f'ing around in the FS forums again so when he does the modding he was asked to do people get all butt hurt about it.
I beg to differ. The for sale area has been pretty heavily moderated. And cleaned up more than Adam ever had it. Sure there is a post or two. Chad's posts weren't really that out of line. He received an infraction, and replied to the infraction in private to the person who gave it to him. Adam got butt hurt over the reply and abused the powers given to him.

I think instead of taking a year off, he should have stepped down completely so he could deal with his circumstances. You can't really disappear for a year and come back as a badass.
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