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Originally Posted by ckupq View Post
So you agree by your logic that means is no different than if you let them go. I'd rather see them go to jail than let go.

Its not that you have a different opinion, its that your opinion is convoluted, contradicts itself many times, and generally doesn't make sense.
Ok lets put in a way that even you can understand.
How about everybody( thats you) that thinks we should house and care for these illegals foot the bill.
I'm sure if your taxes went up because you voted to care for illegals you would not be so willing to think its ok to house and care for these criminals.
I have not checked as to what additional costs to tax payers are because of the people entering this country illegal but I'm sure its into the 10's of millions a year if not more.
So for you to say I make no sence. You need to look at the facts as to what this problem is causing to the people of this country.
Brewman is fact oriented, he may look this up and then again maybe not.

Wait I did a quick search on costs to tax payers and it is staggering

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