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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
If we're allowing illegal immigrants to vote then I agree that there is a problem.

If I was the victim of a violent crime I would hope that anyone accused of that crime would get a fair trial to try an ensure that the accused was actually guilty and to make sure the guilty party gets punished. While I agree that someone here illegally should not have some of the same rights as a citizen they do not have zero rights. Everyone is entitled to basic human rights and that includes the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. It would be a very dangerous precedence set if all one had to do was point to the nearest suspected illegal immigrant and say they did it and have them dragged off for whatever punishment you saw fit without a fair trial.
If the criminal was a citizen of this country and you were able to defend yourself and hold the guy for the cops and they were to verify he was an American criminal, then sure take him to court and go for due process. But if the guy is an illegal he has no rights in this country and should be shipped out on the next bus to the border, no holding for hearings and deportation, get out now.
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