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Default To the new restaraunt in town:

TEENAGERS MAKE TERRIBLE SERVERS. Who the hell gives a 1 year old a big glass of milk instead of bringing a foam one with a lid and or straw? Also, don't bring the appetizer with the damn main course! it's supposed to be something to munch on while you wait for your food. Speaking of appetizers, generally speaking you bring something to dip in with fried foods! deep fried mushrooms est no bueno with out some form of sauce! or at least offer! AND DON'T ACT LIKE YOUR BURGER IS SOMETHING BIG IF I CAN GET SOMETHING BIGGER AT A FAST FOOD CHAIN PLACE! and you finally decide to bring the antsy child some crayons and a coloring paper after you bring him his food? who does that?? I didn't even attempt to finish my meal, i just asked for a check, and a doggy bag, paid and left (and this was when they finally offered me a feckin' refill).

End Rant.
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