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Originally Posted by IDIeselman View Post
$4000 is more inline with what they are worth. Some 7.3's were prone to cavitation if SCA's were not used but, there are many still on the road that have never seen a treatment, a 7.3 for all practical purposes is just a 6.9 bored .110 with 1/2" head bolts instead of the 6.9's 7/16. Reliable as a rock but not the most powerfull thing in the world. With an added turbo or a factory 93.5-94 IDI turbo they will outrun a stock 1st gen powerstroke. If that truck is not rusted out it is well worth the asking price. EDIT, they really take well to a 75/25 mixture of WMO so the fuel bill is next to nothing.
I have a 94 IDI turbo that has been cranked up. Stupid thing snorts pretty good even with a 6500 pound trailer on the back. I'm thinking of turning it down because it is somewhat of a fuel pig.
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