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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
It wouldn't matter if you were smart enough, or if Romney is smart enough, or if Obama is smart enough, or if Paul is smart enough, or if is smart enough.

the "machine" that is Capitol Hill, along with the Lobbying industry, and the Media won't let a true solution come to play. Even though most of us are moderates, the way to get elected is to polarize, and divide.

I fear we're on a not-so-fun giant pendulum ride. And frankly, I'm already, quite ready to throw up...
Neither party cares about the will of the people anymore. The lobbiests have more power than the voting public and it's our fault as a country for not stopping this crap. The only reason I still am a republican is because I support less government. I have the hope that based on the principals of the Republican party they stand a better chance of that outcome.
Anyone who thinks either party is the great savior is naive.
The society change towards everything comes easy, I DESERVE everything, all of our wants are needs, things that were worked for are now a RIGHT, is a big part of the problem we are currently facing.
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