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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
you're still hung up on this being an income tax thread. let's steer it back to an over-reaching federal government thread. One of the supposed key tenants of conservatives is smaller Government. I don't believe for a moment that most of them really believe that, but let's run with it, because I am in fact for smaller Government.

For 100 years we had banks lending money for mortgages, and holding those notes, with required levels of collateralization and equity positions. The vast majority were regional banks, not the megaliths that are there now. The Fed jumps in, with their quasi-governmental secondary mortgage markets, and after a couple of decades of false growth the world's economy blows up. When you had to put 20% or more down, plus closing costs, people weren't so cavalier about over-extending themselves, or flipping houses.

for 100 years we didn't have Federalized Healthcare. We're still not even there yet, but the threat of what is buried in the bill that nobody read, that will still require reams of additional legislation and administrative rules to implement is already forcing huge changes in the medical services industry. Doctors are selling out practices, companies are outsourcing (even more), contracting, or just closing rather than deal with more over-reach.

Perhaps the current resistance to increased income taxes is nothing more than digging heals in, crossing arms and saying a big "FUCK you" to the Dems that crammed shit down our throats when they briefly held a majority in both houses of Congress.

Honestly who cares, outside of a few misguided souls, pretty much everyone is in agreement that none of our elected representatives in Washington are truly representing us.
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