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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I don't think it matters in the private parks.
And it shouldn't. If you can go take a backhoe to your back 40 and dig a pond without anyone caring this shouldn't matter either.

But...there's always the but.

The problem is this is the kind of video that will go viral and get 1000000000 hits on the net because its pretty bad ass. No one is going to watch the video of a guy slowly climbing up a hill and after he gets to the top he plants a few trees and pats a bunny on the head.

The anti-offroading crowd would love to see stuff like that to further their agenda. Because they won't say it was an event at a private park. They will say, "OMG LOOK AT THIS FOUR WHEELER DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!" And you average uneducated person is going to believe them because they don't know any better and the greenie is going to be the one loud and screaming on the soap box.

Sad as it may be, that's what our world has become.

Now a real question about the video. Was he trying to get up the hill or was he just seeing what the axles can handle? Because a few times when he wasn't pinning it it actually seemed like he made better forward progress.
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