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Originally Posted by liv2mx View Post
you make me wanna go duck hunting chad...
I still love you!

Originally Posted by fullthrottle View Post
She drives better then he does!!!!!!!
Yeah she does.

Originally Posted by nickb304 View Post
He has got 4 wheels, roll cage, and big power. I say throw any tool in there and tell them to point the thing up the hill and hold it wide open. The resulting video will look the same.
Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I don't think it matters in the private parks.
It may not now, and maybe it never will, but he drives like a reckless retard, I'd be willing to bet if he stopped trying to look cool and started trying to climb hills he'd get a lot further and wouldn't look like such a retard in the process.

That said, sometimes it's just fun as hell to stand on the skinny pedal and fling some mud
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